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Turning No Into Yes: A Salesman’s Journey from Programming to Persuasion

I remember being a rookie programmer thrown into sales, and suddenly I’m in Queensland trying to build a company. The transition was a shock, I won’t lie. The real game-changer came when I stumbled upon a guy named Paul Dunn, who ran this seminar, ‘Skills for Successful Selling.’ Paul was adamant about one thing: ring up your customers. Simple, right? But here’s where it gets interesting.

So, you call up a customer, and let’s say he says no to buying your computer system. The typical response? Hang up, move on. But Paul taught us to dig deeper. “That’s interesting, Mr. Blogs,” I’d say, “Thank you for your answer. You must have had a reason for saying that. Do you mind me asking what it was?”

It’s a technique from the 70s, but boy, does it open doors. You see, it shifts the conversation. Suddenly, the customer realizes you’re actually interested in his reasons. Most of the time, this prompts a rant about their current tech frustrations, which, let me tell you, is gold for a salesman.

The insights you gather from such a conversation are invaluable. You’re not just selling anymore; you’re consulting, understanding their pain points, which often leads to better, more fruitful discussions than a simple yes would have. It gives you the ammo to come back with something tailored just for them, something that addresses their specific concerns.

This approach not only sets the stage for a deeper relationship but also challenges you to think on your feet. Every objection, every rant is an opportunity to learn what really turns your customer on or off. This method of engaging isn’t just about making a sale—it’s about crafting solutions that resonate on a personal level with your clients. That’s how you turn a no into a yes, and a single sale into a loyal customer..