Our educational partners work closely with Industry Professor Association (INDPA) members to help them attain and then progress through the various educational roles and recognition levels outlined on the membership page. The following services and training options are available to INDPA members to help them ‘profit from their experience’
Skillmaker is an online educational provider that specializes in building freemium Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). provides the following services for INDPA members to help them capture and share their knowledge and expertise:

  • Online contributor’s course – Learn how to add workplace informed insights on a Facebook social media page, answer ‘best practice’ questions on the forum Quora, add specialist comments to WordPress articles and curate worthwhile online resources on This course can be completed face-to-face at our Fortitude Valley, Brisbane office.
  • Sponsor an existing article – Become the sponsor of an article that is used as foundation knowledge in the MOOCs and also as a chapter in our multi-media eTextbooks. Sponsoring articles build your online exposure and reputation as they add to your recognition level on INDPA. The financial benefits flow from your share of the multi-media eTextBook sales.
  • Applied learning for assessment – Work with our educational partners to adapt Skillmaker’s generic eWorkbook to a specific industry, organisation type or  job. This involves contextualizing a case study, developing 10 workplace tools together with examples and explanation videos as well as a multiple choice question test and answer guides. Your specific eWorkbook will be sold to students completing the MOOC and may also be sold to other Registered Training organisations or enterprises. Your tools and explanation video may be developed into mobile apps and used in an online course.


Nowmaster is committed to helping INDPA members profit from their knowledge and experience whether that be in developing Apps,  authoring books, developing a paid-for industry specific course or starting an education based business. Nowmaster provides the following services for INDPA members that helps them profit from their experience:

  • Personal Branding service that helps members establish their profile in the online world via personal domain names, Linkedin profile,, Google+, Gravatar, YouTube and Pathbrite.
  • Interview service that captures 90 minutes of INDPA member’s ‘best industry practice’ answers to predetermined questions which adds 15 text edited published content on the Q&A site under the INDPA members name and multiple short videos uploded to the INDPA member’s YouTube channel that can be used later in an INDPA member’s online course. This service helps INDPA members who are time poor or who prefer to explain than to write.
  • Book publishing service that turns INDPA member’s online content into published books.