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Our Vision | Industry Professor Association

Our Vision

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Industry Professors Association’s vision is to mobilize the intellectual capital of industry experienced people to help global learners apply current ‘best practice’ work skills for the betterment of all.

  • Global learners benefit from access to current industry expertise so they can gain, maintain and secure advancment in employment opportunities.
  • Industry benefits from the improved productivity of workers who are now equipped with current ‘best practice’ work skills.
  • Industry experienced people benefit from the multiple income streams they create by converting their intellectual capital into digital learning products that they use to teach global learners.

Our ongoing mission is to capture and share current industry ‘best practice’ processes, for industry … by industry. 

We seek to build a network of industry experienced people who wish to collaboratively share with global learners, the knowledge and expertise they have gleaned from 20+ years of endeavor. In sharing their knowledge and expertise, members will receive peer recognition for their contribution with an option to profit from their experience if they so choose.

Our mantra “Rewarding experience”, encompasses the many facets of profit being financial returns, social status, altruistic gifts, enhanced respect and personal fulfillment.

The Challenge

The challenge accepted by all Industry Professor Association members is to work with our educational partners to collaboratively build an online educational resource to help global learners apply current industry best practice work skills.

This educational resource will capture highly contextualized and current industry ‘best practice’ expertise to help individuals achieve competency in those work skills required for business operations. This resource, based on the Australian Vocational Educational and Training framework, will use the best available internet platforms to deliver eminently affordable education to global learners as it also provides an income stream to benefit the contributors from the Industry Professor Association.

Challenge features:

The features of this challenge are explained below …

  • Online – The skills required in today’s economy, business and jobs are changing …. and changing fast. As the industrial-age past rapidly gives way to the digital age, businesses desperately need a faster, cheaper and more relevant approach to skilling workers. Paper-based textbooks are becoming dated far too soon and writers of educational content have been traditionally sourced from a privileged few educators, denying a voice for the vast untapped expertise contained in the minds of practicing and experienced industry personnel. We believe that an online industry skilling resource, built by practicing industry personnel on the back of the technological advances of the internet, is a good-fit solution for this problem.
  • Collaborative – The content for this online skilling resource will be a created in a collaborative effort between and among Industry Professor Association members, digital learning product developers and teacherpreneurs. Industry Professor members will collaboratively curate the best free online content, provide work-place informed opinions to forums, answer ‘best practice’ questions and comment on as well as suggest edits to content provided by others.
  • Teacherpreneurs – Teacherpreneurs are passionate, innovative and learner focused guides who help Industry Professor Association members map their content to the Australian National Skills Framework and who design and facilitate monetized courses and assessment materials, for the mutual benefit of all.
  • Contextualised – Content in the online educational resource will be highly contextualized by ever decreasing levels of granularity to cover industry and Vocational Education competencies including: by industry (broad + class), by currency (posting date and last updated), by geographic location, by learner level (AQF + novice/practicing/mastery), by unit of competency, by competency field and by competency element.
  • Currency – Currency of content will be paramount. Content from currently industry engaged contributors will be featured as will recently updated content that maintains the online educational resource’s relevance in a fast changing, innovative and creatively destructive work skilling environment.
  • Industry best practice – Content will strive to capture and maintain industry best practice as rated and ranked by Industry Professor members.
  • Content – Content will be designed primarily for delivery via smartphones, electronic tablets and desktop computers. It will be created in the low cost digital environment by utilizing templates, set questioning and in-life streaming for content capture. Content will be produced using a competitive freelance-style digital elearning product developer marketplace.
  • Resource – The resource will be divided into two main sections with (Foundation Knowledge) content based on the knowledge and understanding of work skills being provided free and (Work skill application) content based on work skill application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and creation being made available via a subscription model as a revenue stream for the contributing Industry Professor members. While Foundation Knowledge content will be predominantly article text based, Work skill application content will be based around capturing ‘the best’ processes/methods/ways of performing tasks and the 3-10 minute audio/visual video offering conversational explanation.
  • Individuals – The content will be targeted as helping individuals who either work for others or for themselves. Content will be created in a global English language which is easily understood by all learners and which is capable of being easily translated into other languages with the ever improving machine translators.
  • Competency – Content will be designed around helping individuals become competent at successfully performing tasks to the required industry standard in a variety of contexts, and which is able to manage the performance of those tasks within a broader work/job role and to deal appropriately with contingencies as they arise.
  • Work skills – Content will be mapped to the units of competency, competency field and competency element and organised and grouped by skill sets as determined by Industry Professor members. Skill sets are the competencies that naturally fit as the sub sets of a job or work function.
  • Business – The initial online resource will be limited to skills appropriate to business and mapped to the competencies contained in the BSB07 “Business Services Training Package” of the Australian National Skills Framework.