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Application for full membership is now available for industry experienced personal with 20+ years of experience and associate membership is available for certified industry trainers and assessors.


Full Membership fees are set at $300 per year and Associate Membership at $150 per year.

Membership criteria

Membership of Industry Professors Association is restricted to people with 20+ years of peer validated industry experience and who will naturally possess many of the following attributes.

  1. Members of Industry Professors Association are often domain experts in highly focused or contextualized fields. They possess specialised knowledge, extensive experience or a high level of skill in either a specific industry, an organisation type, a job role or a geographic area of business operations.
  2. As a result of their experience, Members of Industry Professors Association possess extensive industry knowledge and skills and have developed tricks, shortcuts and rules-of-thumb approaches that simplify and solve specific industry problems which leads to rapid, accurate and worthwhile solutions.
  3. Members of Industry Professors Association are often thought leaders in their specific sphere of influence and have a reputation for sound judgment and for deciding rightly, justly, or wisely.

Services and benefits

As a financial member of the Industry Professor Association you will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • to add the post nominal “INDPA” to your name
  • to be publicly listed as a member on the INDPA website, with a preferred professional URL link (i.e. LinkedIn) when your extended profile is ‘verified’.
  • option to co-author an existing article covering a topic in business management
  • a  duly signed ‘certificate of membership’ posted to their address
  • a subscription to our newsletter
  • access to a member’s and associate’s forum to discuss relevant issues.
  • free learning courses to help you set up your social media accounts.
  • an introduction to our educational partners to help them capture, create and publish their  industry knowledge and expertise via digital learning products. See the partners page for more details.

Member status

Membership status is determined by the extend of your knowledge and skill sharing in the public domain. Working with our educational partners, your know-how will be captured and shared as digital elearning products that may include articles, answers to questions, contextualised comments on topics, videos, PowerPoints, quizzes, podcasts or images. As the volume of your sharing increases so does your status and level of membership. Members can apply to have their status assessed for upgrade by paying an assessment fee of $150.

Status Description
Digital Content Assistant An individual skilled in the use of digital programs like Microsoft Office and web-based tools that produce digital content for training purposes. Their skills may include a combination of audio, video, text, illustrations, quizzes, slides and infographics. These individuals work with eLearning Developers to produce digital learning products.
eLearning Developer An individual who together with Digital Content Assistants, works with members of the Industry Professors Association to help them turn their extensive industry expertise into digital learning products that may include online courses, eBooks, digital toolboxes, case studies and online multi-media articles.
Associate An industry trainer and assessor who holds a Cert. IV in Training and Education (or equivalent) and who wishes to enhance their professional development by engaging with INDPA members to maintain currency in industry best practice, to validate learning/assessment materials and to source guest speakers.
Member An individual who has demonstrated 20+years of industry experience and who has paid their annual membership dues. Members are entitled to use the designation “INDPA” and use the INDPA standard logo.
Qualified Industry Assessor (QIA) A member who holds a Cert. IV in Training and Education (or equivalent) and an academic qualification at diploma level (5) or higher as determined by the the Australian Qualifications Framework. Qualified Industry Assessors are entitled to add QIA to their INDPA designation “INDPA, QIA”
Senior Member A member who has contributed the equivalent of 10,000 words to the public domain in multiple industry fields and successfully completed the INDPA Web Contributors course. Senior Members are entitled to use the designation “INDPA Snr. Member” and use the INDPA Senior Member logo.
Fellow A senior members who has contributed the equivalent of 50,000 words to the public domain in multiple industry fields. Fellows are entitled to use the designation INDPA Fellow and the INDPA Fellow logo.
Master A senior member who has contributed the equivalent of 50,000 words to the public domain in a single industry field. Masters are entitled to use the designation M.“field code” INDPA and use the INDPA Masters logo.
Industry Professor A senior member who has contributed the equivalent of 100,000 words to the public domain in multiple industry fields. Industry Professors are entitled to use the designation Industry Professor preceding their name and use the INDPA Industry Professors logo. If they have achieved master status in one or more fields they may use the designation M.”field code” (INDPA).

Educational roles

Member of INDPA will be given the option to perform various roles with our educational partners. These roles are intended to help members advance their membership status as well as provide opportunities to monetize their expertise. Members will be able to learn the skills required for each progressive role from INDPA courses and their educational partners and so provide greater monetization opportunities for the members.

Roles Description
Digital content producer Provides the services necessary to convert industry expertise into digital learning products and includes online courses, eBooks, digital toolboxes, case studies and online multi-media articles.
Contributor Providing industry informed opinions to discussion points. Curating and collating worthwhile content from the internet. Adding industry “best practice” answers to Q&A forums. Adding contextualized foundation knowledge and comments to topics.
Qualified Industry Assessor (QIA) Completing a Certificate IV Training Assessment Education that qualifies you to assess student’s work for accredited qualifications and to teach at Government (TAFE) and non-government Registered Training Organisations (RTO).
Tutor Providing timely answers to students with specific questions on online discussion boards and forums in your area of expertise.
SME (Subject matter expert) Working with educational partners to develop a specific industry eWorkbook and Mobile Apps for students that includes a case study, tools, examples and explanation videos.
Author Working with editors and other INDPA members to compile previously contributed writing into an text-based or multi-media eBooks.
Teacher Working with our educational partners to develop industry specific courses to teach on internet learning platforms.
Principal Working with our educational partners to develop your own stand alone turn key online educational business.


Industry Fields

While members contribute across a wide range of industry fields identified below, those who contribute the equivalent of 50,000 words or more on in a specific industry field will be entitled to use the designation INDPA M.“field code” and the INDPA Masters logo. Listed below are the industry fields in which a masters status can be awarded.


  • Educational Administration (EDU)
  • General Administration (ADM)
  • Legal Services Administration (LEG)
  • Medical Services Administration (MED)
  • Purchasing and Contracting (PUR)

Business Development

  • Advertising (ADV)
  • International Business (INT)
  • Marketing (MKG)
  • Public Relations (PUB)
  • Sales (SLS)


  • Interpersonal Communication (CMM)
  • Writing (WRT)

Creativity and Innovation

  • Creative Thinking (CRT)
  • Innovation (INN)


  • Design Process (DES)


  • Financial Admin (FIA)
  • Financial Management (FIM)

Industry Capability

  • Industry Context (IND)
  • Product Skills and Advice (PRO)
  • Sustainability (SUS)
  • Workplace Effectiveness (WOR)

Information and Communications Technology

  • E-Business (EBU)
  • IT Analysis and Design (ITA)
  • IT Building and Implementation (ITB)
  • IT Support (ITS)
  • IT Use (ITU)

Knowledge Management

  • Information Management (INM)
  • Recordkeeping (RKG)
  • Research (RES)

Management and Leadership

  • Frontline Management (FLM)
  • Franchising (FRA)
  • Management (MGT)
  • Project Management (PMG)
  • Small and Micro Business (SMB)

Regulation, Licensing and Risk

  • Compliance (COM)
  • Governance (GOV)
  • Governance (ATSI)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Quality Auditing (AUD)
  • Risk Management (RSK)

Stakeholder Relations

  • Contact Centre Operations (CCO)
  • Customer Service (CUS)
  • Relationship Management (REL)

Workforce Development

  • Diversity (DIV)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Learning and Development (LED)
  • Recruitment and Employment Services (EMS)