About Us

Industry Professor Association Inc (Registration: IA39976) is a non-profit Incorporated Association having been granted status as a legal entity under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and adopting the Model Rules as outlined by the Queensland Government’s Office of Fair Trading.

Management Committee and facilitators

The current facilitators and executive committee of INDPA who are working to establish the association are:

Philip Baskerville – CEO LinkedIn

Phil Baskerville brings significant strategic senior management experience to his role as CEO of INDPA. Fresh from working as Business Advisor and Head of School at Southbank Institute of Technology and having been recognised by the Chair Award 2012 for Outstanding Innovation, Phil brings the drive and the skills necessary to build INDPA’s foundation and vision. Drawing on his extensive academic studies with a Masters in IT at University of Queensland and Bachelor of Education and combining it with his peer acknowledged skills in project planning/management, coaching, business analysis/strategy, change management and strategic planning, Phil is well equipped for the demands of the CEO role.

Peter Baskerville – Director LinkedIn

Peter Baskerville is a Quora Top Writer for 2013, 14, 15, 16, 17. He is working on this century’s paradigm shift in education that will deliver eminently affordable education to all via the tools & distribution of the Internet. Ahe is an author of the book: FAQ Basic Accounting Concepts and a teacher and educational resource developer at TAFE, Queensland Brisbane. Peter has started, managed & sold over 30 ‘bricks & mortar outlets’ in retail and hospitality.

Russell Duncan – Vocational Education Advisor

Russell Duncan has over 30 years educational experience ranging from 12 years of senior management/directorship of educational institution facilities, managing up to 100 staff to teaching hospitality skills to students in China, Indonesia and Thailand. Russel has contributed as both lecturer and administrator to a range of educational institutions including Southbank Institute of Technology, Sanjiang University, Deakin University and the Victorian Department of Education. He continues to maintain his links with educational institutions by undertaking online tutoring work for Griffith University. Russell’s Diploma, Bachelor (Deakin University) and Graduate Certificate in Education (James Cook University) together with his Advanced Diploma of Business Management provide the skills necessary to excel in his field.

Maggy Saldais – Treasurer LinkedIn

Maggy Saldais is an award-winning writer, editor and publisher with over 20 years experience in the industry. Her recent authorial work with Oxford University Press contributed significantly to a series of history books for Australia’s National Curriculum which won the 2012 Australian Publishing Association (APA) award for educational excellence in its category and the APA’s overall award for educational excellence.

Before this engagement, Maggy project managed a wide range of school and tertiary texts across a diversity of subject areas, including English, Biology, SOSE, Physics, Business, History, Management, and Auditing for John Wiley & Sons Australia. This role concurrently included writing and editing. Maggy has extensive experience in overwriting, authoring and/or editing content for a variety of clients including educational institutions like Southbank Institute of Technology, companies like Kinhill Engineers and Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation as well as government entities such as the Victorian Treasury, the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Providing the foundation for Maggy’s work is her Master of Arts (English literature), University of NSW, where her abilities were recognised with the Ria de Groote Prize in 1993 for best female post-graduate. Maggy’s Bachelor of Arts University of Queensland (majoring in English and History), her post-graduate studies in Psychology and her 13 years of service with Commonwealth Government departments also helped develop her skills and talents.