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How will higher education be disrupted? What will replace it?

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Higher education is ripe for disruption and all pointers indicate that it will begin to make a significant impact starting 2012. I believe that the scale of this ‘once in a hundred year’ disruption will emulate the industrial revolution of the late 1700s where people just walked off the farm and into the factories. This disruption where people will simply walk out of the old education paradigm and into the new, is due to two key developments:


The growing failure of the existing higher education system to efficiently and effectively prepare people for employment due the deteriorating cost/benefit ratios, lack of industry currency/relevance and inability to keep pace with the fast developing skill sets required to compete for jobs in a global economy. In short, our existing higher education system was designed for an industrial age past and has not and can not adapt fast enough to meet the needs of the present competitive global/information age.


The growing potential of internet technology and it’s applications to address most of the existing higher educational problems. In short, if the internet is ’a solution in search of a problem’ then I would argue that higher education is the key candidate for ‘the problem’.

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Pop-Up Human Capital: A new employment/educational model for teacherpreneurs.

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The raise of the Freelance Professsor

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The Freelance Professors are Coming!

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